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Related article: on Ap il 4th, a presentation was made by the Earl of Coventry on behalf of the Hunt to Mr. Wroughton, the retiring master. The hunt subscribers gave a handsome candelabra and Buy Clomiphene Citrate a George IV. silver bowl and the farmers contributed another present of silver. At the East Essex Hunt Steeplechases held at Catsfield on April 5th, Buying Clomiphene Online Mr. Clomiphene Cost J. C Munro, the retiring master, was presented by the hunt with a massive silver hunting horn. The salver bore the following in- scription : — " Presented to John C. Munro, by his friends of the East Sussex Hunt, in remembrance of many good days' sport during his mastership, 1894-99." Sir Archibald Lamb made the presentation on behalf of the subscribers. Mr. F. T. Wilson died at his residence, Stardens, Newmarket, on April 5th. Mr. Wilson had recently resigned the mastership of the Ledbury Hounds owing to ill-health. A curious accident occurred to Mr. Charlton, of Hull, while hunting with the Holderness Hounds on April 5th. While passing through a gateway a gust of wind blew the gate upon him, and he was thrown from his horse, who bolted before he was Clomiphene 100 Mg clear, and the rider was caught against the post with such violence that his arm was twisted backwards and badly fractured. An important sale of registered polo ponies, the property of Messrs. E. D. and G. A. Miller, was held at Springhill, Rugby, on April 8th, when thirty-four animals were sold. Prices ranged up to 750 gs. and the sale realised a total of ^8,982 15s., an average of Clomiphene Citrate Buy ,£264 4s. The principal prices follow: — Attack, br. m., 6 yrs., 700 gs. ; Florence, b. m., 7 yrs., 450 gs. ; J. W., br. m., aged, 400 gs. ; Leila, gr. m., aged, 350 gs. ; Queen Bess, ch. m., 7 yrs., 400 gs. ; Miss Barry, b. m., 7 yrs., 300 gs. ; Pearl, gr. m., 6 yrs., 50b gs. ; Rosemary, br. m , 7 yrs., 380 gs. ; Freckles, b. g., 7 yrs., 240 gs. ; Mercedes, b. m., 6 yrs., 300 gs. ; Policy, ch. m., 6 yrs., 750 gs. ; Matron, ch. m., 6 yrs., 240 gs. ; Black- berry, bl. m., 6 yrs., 230 gs. ; Kildare, br. m., 6 yrs., 250 gs. ; Delilah, br. m., 5 yrs. ; Coquette, gr. m., 6 yrs., 210 gs. ; Bumble Bee, br. m., 6 yrs., 220 gs. ; Charlotte, ch. m. aged, 210 gs. ; Cob Nut, b. m., 6 yrs., 240 gs. The testimonial to Tom Firr, the re- tiring huntsman of the Quorn, was presented on April 10th, when the meet was at the kennels. Lord Belper made the presenta- tion, which consisted of a handsome salver and a cheque for .£3,200. The death occurred on April 13th of Colonel Le Gendre Starkie, at his residence in Lancashire. Colonel Starkie was an all-round sportsman, a member of the Four-in-hand and Coaching Clubs, and master of the Pendle Forest Harriers. The following is from the Field of April 15th: — "The Maharajah of Cooch Behar and party, consisting of H.R.H. the Count of Turin, Prince Jeano, Lord Lonsdale, Count Carpanetto, Lord Elphin- stone, Sir Henry Tich borne, Sir Benjamin Simpson, Mr. Cecil Plowden, Mr. Percy Hall, Mr. Van der By], and Dr. Prall, had a remarkable day's sport on March 7th in Assam, no less than thirteen head of big game being killed before twelve o'clock, namely, five rhino, one bison standing i8h. 1 in. at shoulder, and seven buffalo, the hoins of the largest, a bull, measuring 9ft. 1 1 Jin. This is the record day in all the Maharajah's shooting experience, and he has been shooting big game for over twenty- five years. — Assam. The death is announced of Mr. F. G. Hohson, a well-known gentleman steeple- chase rider in the •• sixties " and " seven- ties." He won the Grand National on Austerliiz in 1877. Sir Monier Monier- Williams, Boden Professor of Sanscrit in the University of Oxford, whose death in his eightieth year is announced, rowed in the Balliol boat in 1839. He was a member of the London and Oxford Skating Clubs. The whole of the fallow deer in Barn- ingham Park, the seat of the late Sir F. A. Milbank, Bart., have been sold to Captain Ormrod, of Wyresdale Park, Scorton, Garstang, I encash ire. Between three and four hundred people assembled to witness the process of catching and packing the deer. The animals were driven into en- closures, and the first attempt at herding them was successful, but five broke away. The remainder were at once secured, and placed in specially constructed crates or wooden cages, and conveyed to Barnard Castle Railway Station, a distance by road of over six miles. Attention was then directed to capturing the five animals still at large in the park. These afforded an exciting chase, and were ultimately lassoed by horsemen. * At the North Warwickshire Hunt Steeple- chases, Lord Algernon Percy (joint master) presided at the luncheon, and in welcoming the farmers of the district he referred to the kindly feeling existing between the occu- piers of the land and the members of the hunt. Lord Algernon said of course he knew well enough a certain amount of damage was done by hunting, and he 396 BAILYS MAGAZINE. [Hat thought they knew, too, that both Mr. Arkwright and himself endeavoured, as far as they could, to prevent unnecessary dam- age. But there was another side of hunting which Cost Of Clomiphene he thought perhaps many people were inclined to forget. At the very lowest calculation that could be put upon it the money expended in the maintenance of the three packs of hounds hunting in Warwick- shire, and on the horses used by Order Clomiphene the gentle- men in following them, came to something between ,£25,000 Buy Clomiphene Online and ,£30,000 a year. Considering this sum was expended in that district, and circulated in that district, it must be a certain advantage to everyone, for although it might not go directly into the farmers 1 pockets, it must be an advan- tage that that money was spent ia lis county and country, and not abroad a elsewhere, which might be the case if hunting was at an end. A memorial to the late Mr. Frederick Carleton Cowper is erected in Skehoa Church, near Clomiphene 100mg Penrith, taking the farm of a handsome brass inscribed as follows :— " To the Glory of God, and in memory tf Frederick Carleton Cowper, Esq., Cariettn Hall, who died February 23rd, 1898, aged 4a He was for sixteen years master of the Eamont Harriers, and this mcmoral is placed here as a mark of tbeiresteen and respect for him by the subscribers to the pack and by his tenants and friends." TURF. LINCOLN.— Spring Meeting. March 20th— The Batthyany Stakes (Han- dicap) of 460 sovs. ; five furlongs, straight. Mr. Horatio Bottomry's ch. c. Le Blizon, by Xaintrailles— Sunny Queen, 3 yrs., 6st. lib. (car. 6s t. 4 lb.) Dalton I Clomiphene Citrat Mr. H. Bamato's b. g. Prosset, 4 yrs., 6st. 3ID....C. Archer, jun. 2 Mr. J. A. Miller's b. m. Radoo, 6 yrs., 8st. 2lb Halsey 3 4 to 1 agst. Le Cheap Clomiphene Blizon. The Chaplin Stakes of 265 sovs. for three-year-olds which have not won a race value 500 sovs. at closing ; one mile and a half. Mr. Douglas Baird's b. c. Ugolino, by Sir Hugo — Silence, 8st. lolb. Rickaby 1 Mr. W. R. Marshall's ch. Colt by Suspender — Revelry, 8st. 5 lb.